AKTUELL! Roxette: Charm School (Deluxe Edition)

1. Way Out
2. No One Makes it on Her Own
3. She’s Got Nothing on (But The Radio)
4. Speak to Me
5. I’m Glad You Called
6. Only when I Dream
7. Dream on
8. Big Black Cadillac
9. In My Own Way
10. After All
11. Happy on the Outside
12. Sitting on Top of the World
13. Dressed for Success (Live in S:t Petersburg 2010)
14. Sleeping in my Car (Live in Stavanger 2010)
15. Wish I Could Fly (Live S:t Petersburg 2010)
16. 7Twenty7 (Live in Halmstad 2010)
17. Perfect Day (Live in S:t Petersburg 2010)
18. Things Will Never be the Same (Live in S:t Petersburg 2010)
19. How do You do!/Dangerous (Live in Stavanger 2010)
20. Silver Blue (Live in S:t Petersburg 2010)
21. Joyride (Live in S:t Petersburg 2010)
22. Listen to Your Heart (Live in S:t Petersburg 2010)
23. The Look (Live in Halmstad 2010)
24. Church of Your Heart (Live in S:t Petersburg 2010)

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