Stichwort: Contemporary Design in Scandinavia

Contemporary Design in Scandinavia

The companion book to Nordic Architects highlights the contemporary talents working in a region that has been famous for product, furniture, and industrial design since the reign of Gustaf. In design as in architecture, recent progress has been defined by a clean aesthetic, craftsmanship, and empathy for the human experience. These traditions have prefigured the latest trends in Western design, such as universal access and the burgeoning of ecofriendly design. But other recent movements, like the emphasis on intellectual conceit over formmaking, have perhaps caught designers off-guard. In informal interviews with 60 of the region’s best-known designers, such as Peter Opsvik, Front, and Ilkka Suppanen, writer and editor David Sokol explores the once and future Nordic identity, the exigencies of local manufacturing, and the competitive global marketplace. Designers: Anders Nord, Anna Kraitz, Anna von Schewen, Arx Architects, Bare Mobler Designstudio, Björn Dahlström, Brikolör, Camilla Diedrich, Camilla Kropp, Carlo Volf, Cecilie Manz, Charlott K. Knuth, Claesson Koivisto Rune, Colmio, Company, Ditte Hammerstrom, Elisabeth Henriksson, Form Us With Love, Frida Fjellman, Front, Fuggi Baggi Design, Furnid, Gunilla Allard, Gunilla Lagerhem Ullberg, Harri Koskinen, Hee Welling Design, Ilkka Suppanen, Jakob Wagner, Johan Carpner Design, Kaels Studio, Lena Bergström Design, Lospalurdos/Fagring International, Malin Lindahl, Margot Barolo, Marie-Louise Gustafsson, Mary, Monica Förster, Morten Hippe Design, Muungano, Naoto Niidome, Nina Jobs, Olav Eldoy, Olimb Design, Pentagon Design, Permafrost, Peter Opsvik, Pure Design, RVW, Scenario InteriorArkitekter, Sigurdur Gustafsson, Sisustusarkkitehtitoimisto Carola Rytsölä, Stokkeaustad Design, Strand + Hvass, Superko, Tine Mouritsen, Tveit&Tornoe, Ulla Christiansson, Ulrika Martensson, Zinc

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